“Making home transitions easy and enjoyable!” is our mission.
A home transition of any kind is more than just a move to a different dwelling.. it is your LIFE. Members of the Transition Living Real Estate Team™ understand this and are ready to help connect with the right transition help. It takes a Village and loving people to evolve into a new lifestyle with a calm and dignified process.

This is THE place to connect with professionals in real estate all over the country (link to agents) along with business partners (Resources) who provide ancillary services to help with every aspect of making any transition a smooth move. Additional links are available to local and national services that can help families in transition.

FREE monthly workshops are available with knowledgeable speakers sharing information that everyone needs to know about as time goes on. Preparing in a calm way in advance, can help prevent a “crises” reaction when a “life event” takes place where no one is ready.

The website has all the events posted in advance with an RSVP area as the room sizes are limited. Additional event times can be provided when response demands more room.

Subscribing to the monthly newsletter will keep you in the loop for new events and up to date information related to a transition along with local discounts and specials. Join us here 

The Transition Living Real Estate Team™ is prepared to help you create a strategy whether it is 1 year from now or 5 years from now.

The team understands it is a “process” and the vision is to help home owners learn about estate laws, service programs and how they work in connection to future needs through education and providing resources. Safety, security, balance, harmony and confidence will be part of the experience. Helping individuals create a plan to make transition moves easy and have fun doing it.

If you want to have a “transition facilitator” help you with no obligation and no cost right now, call 720-416-1984 and one of our team members will be happy to make an appointment to start the discussions of your particular situation.

Transition Living Real Estate Team™ members are ready to help you now!